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Hello, welcome on my page. I am happy you are here and reading about me. Maybe it means you are thinking about counselling or psychotherapy. Anybody can benefit from therapy no matter what age or gender you are. It does require significant effort and often pain but is very rewarding because it helps you to create a desired change.

In this times of uncertainty and the uneasy economic and political situation, isolation, bereavement or other stresses are being experienced by people much more frequently and intensively. Historic emotional issues can come to the fore, and new problems arise. Often difficulties experienced for a prolonged time can also lead to somatic problems. Sadly, there is still an unjustified stigma attached to those requesting psychotherapy. I believe however, that investing in mental health is as important as physical. 


I have also found that people believe psychotherapy is something not needed by older people as it is thought too late to change, and the problems faced in “old age” are best solved with medication. I do not agree, and I am particularly interested in working with older adults.

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